durisol side view.jpg

Durisol wall blocks

Durisol wall blocks, which are an insulated concrete form (ICF) building envelope product, create an incredibly strong, high thermal mass wall that is still 100% breathable. That's a very positive thing for your health, and the health of your house, as it means that moisture can always escape (rather than being trapped, and potentially wreaking havoc on your house and health).

Durisol blocks are alkaline, so organic matter won't grow on it. They also are rated to stand up to a tornado (seriously), due to the 4 inches of solid concrete that gets poured into the form. Not only that, but they come with 2 inches of rock wool insulation, built into them, thus saving an entire additional step (and cost) in building, and giving your walls an R-value of almost 40!

You can research Durisol materials at www.durisolbuild.com, or call them at 1-855-DURISOL. If you hit extension 109, you'll get Vipul Achariya, who is their in-house engineer, and a very bright guy. He can talk you through your project idea, and even do a take-off (an estimate of how many blocks you might need for your construction).