Our Build Healthy Team

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Founder, Shelter Home Building

In 2013, Adam and his family found out that their beloved house was filled with a dangerous toxin that was making them sick. After deciding to tear it down, they were unable to find a builder to help them rebuild a healthier, safer home – so they did it themselves. Today, their house is the Shelter model home – and one of the healthiest houses anywhere in America.

Adam has spent his entire professional life as a champion for health...

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Foundation experts

Jason and John are perfectionists in the art and science of concrete. One architect said that he never seen more beautiful piers. (I think he needs to get out more...). These guys are amazing at what they do, and can handle whatever your engineer says is required - while also making it turn out beautifully (yes, concrete can be beautiful).


Expert framers

Jose Ybanez and his team are warriors of the art of framing - whether it's concrete ICF blocks or wood interior walls, they push through challenges and get the job done - and done right.

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Welding and metal work

Anyone who works with a welding torch is a craftsman, and Robert is cut from that tough but refined cloth. He is a big, strong welder with a big smile and an artist's touch. His right hand man, Saul? Yeah, he also makes mind-blowing wedding cakes. That's right - a baker and a welder. True artisans.


Electrical Services

Steven is a craftsman and artist. He takes his craft seriously but doesn't forget to have a good time while making things awesome.


Craig is the guy who you want to have your back in a fight. He's from New York, he digs his own holes, and he's as smart as they come in the construction world. Water can be the worst enemy of a house, and he makes sure that it goes where we want it to, and nowhere else. He's a pro.

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Cabinets, Trim Carpentry

Cabinets make a home. Trim makes it pretty. Chris does both with an eye for detail and the patience to get it right.