About Us

about shelter homes

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy house.

A home should be a place that protects and contributes to your health – not the opposite. A healthy house is a house that supports your well-being: conventional, modern house building doesn’t.

At Shelter, we believe in building a beautiful, well-designed, long-lasting house - one that is a safe, healthy environment for people to live in. We also believe that the health of a building – and thus, the people who live inside of it – is one of the most overlooked areas in modern homebuilding. Every home we construct is designed to meet LEED v4 Home standards; follows the WellBuild healthy building guidelines; and is designed for NetZero energy consumption or better.

If the idea of living in a healthy, highly energy efficient, sustainably built home resonates with you, give us a call. We’d love to build one for you.